Residential services

An experience packer and mover provide you the best residential packers and movers service in India and all over. Whatever you’re relocated your residential you have to need to hire a professional for shifting because they have types of pieces of equipment which use for pack up the material as well as the size of the container where your luggage is packed. And all such types of services like local shifting, domestic shifting, office shifting, storage or bike and car transport service provides you the professionally without any damage to materials. A hire professional residential packer and mover in India is the good choice of relocated and can be trusted on their work or he is a trustworthy person who hired by us so all are verified employee of his company.

A residential packer and mover in India which know all aspects of packing and moving, they are an expert in packing up the materials and having the piece of containers with their size or use special paper and bubble sheet for antique luggage. Not only giving a pack up of the material and transportation service but also take up all responsibility of packing and transporting with under specialist team who is always available up to delivery.

Safex World Wide which is one of the movers and packers in India that knows all aspects of packing up and taking up the responsibility of the material till delivery. We provide the best packer and mover services in Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and all over India at a reasonable price. You can compare our prices to competitor price, our price and service are always lesser than the competitor.