Movers and Packers Pune



Shifting to a new place could be complicated and tiring, especially when you have decided not to hire packers and movers. Packing things so that they are not damaged during their transportation needs complete attention and a lot of hard work. Some tips and tricks could come handy if you need a hassle-free shifting.

Here are some advisory points by safex worldwide mover’s workforce-Movers and Packers Pune while you are shifting:

  1. Start Packing 1-2 weeks before shifting so that you can take your time sorting out the things into different categories and pack them accordingly. Start with detaching the furniture which could be disassembled.
  2. Before packing electrical appliances, make sure they are cleaned and wiped neatly to avoid any moisture in the process of shifting.
  3. Group the items according to their utility (e.g. all bathroom items grouped) and make sure to pack them according to their group.
  4. Movers and Packers Pune say it’s better to pack electronic items like speakers, printers, etc. in the boxes they came in, using thermocol or any other packing material to provide soft support for the device.
  5. Avoid overloading a box to make sure that no box has more weight than it can carry and may cause damage to packaging and goods.
  6. Try to pack all your heavy items in smaller boxes so that the weight of each box is balanced.
  7. Pack all the medicines and other first aid items in a single box.
  8. Prepare a descriptive list of the items that you have packed.
  9. While disassembling the items, make sure you mark them and check them from the prepared list and figure out how to arrange them later after shifting.

Movers and Packers Pune would be more than glad to help you with shifting, but you could use its tips and tricks to be a good do-it-yourselfer. Now go get packed and ready to move.